the year is 2027
youre calling me a bastard but nah im not the one whos tryna guess my password
too bad
the bitch who knows it calls me master
if you wanna ask her so bad you can ask her
and as of lately, she masturbates me
she likes to call me baby, stands over my mouth and inserts her gravy
spreads her asshole and then she sprays me
how can she ever repay me, excretes gravy and then she sprays me
period blood on my face drives me fucking crazy


wake up from the dream

haven't left my basement in three weeks
last time i saw the sun was when i tried to drown myself in the creek
only talk to my mom, ive forgotten how to speak
but who cares, every time i leave someone calls me a creep
i dont ever sleep i dont even eat, vyvanse and adderall keeping me at peace
if youve got some xanax please break me off a piece
disrobed around the house so i cant see my knees
came in her bathing suit so she dialed the police
caught me red handed, had her on her knees
now im in prison, claimed i had a disease so they let me be man
the faggots let me free
shitting in the basement watching my tv
sitting in the basement using my pc
just encrypted drives containing some cp
pictures of my waifu, on my wee-wee
all my neighbors hate the sight of me
bricks through my window, one or two or three
im still forced to live in poverty, stuck with living off of disability
got some illegal shit on dvd, lie to my mom about having a job
what is wrong with me

stuck in this basement
but its where i wanna be

speaking of lies, my sex is zero
talking suicide, i wanna an hero
stream it all live my head will disappear-o
im a godfather, robert deniro, aha
im a real bad fella, (???)
so i get on the ground and i kneel, got a shotgun ready to end this whole ordeal
pull the trigger
make it onto the nights news reel
uh oh i can still hear you fat faggot hows it feel
you couldnt even kill yourself right, whats the deal
fat piece of shit

oh no, you're terrible.
you look like (???), you're terrible.
you're awful.
i hate you.
piece of garbage trash.