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okay. so there was this flash game i remember playing as a kid. likely sometime between, i don't know, 2007-2012. somewhere in there.

it was on deviantart, i'm fairly certain of that. i don't know why i was even on deviantart since i don't have much memory of using it otherwise, but i guess it had flash games for a while and i was searching for some there.

the game i remember, i don't have much idea of the name other than i feel like it was clearly labelled as unfinished, maybe just in the description but i feel like even in the name it had like "WIP" somewhere or something along those lines.

the game was indeed unfinished, although i don't know how different the finished work would have been. as it was, it seemed to be a 2D sidescrolling platformer of a sort that was purely exploration based. nothing really to do or interact with other than moving around the game space and exploring.

it was set in what seemed to be an underground mineshaft system and cavern network. different layers of the mineshaft tunnels, connecting and stacked on top of each other in certain places, connecting to unexplored cavern areas between them. essentially a sort of maze with these different areas, plenty of dead ends and things like that.

your main character was, i believe, a person wearing a pink colored ninja or ninja-like outfit. this was in contrast to the style of the environment, which was entirely monochromatic, very reminiscent of LIMBO and games with a similar art design. might have even been inspired by that game with the time frame and how similar it looked.

that's most of what i remember in particular. i just know too i was very intrigued by this game, it was one of my first exposures to that kind of, lonely melancholy exploration feeling, and related emotions or perceptive experiences, that i find myself continually fascinated by. i had so many ideas in my head about wanting to find every aspect of what the game had to offer, even if it was all just dead ends, to find whatever secret might be lurking, or just to take in the weird way it made me feel. just wandering the empty caverns, all alone.

i don't think there was any music either, perhaps not even sound. i remember it being silent.


artist's (me) rendition of the game in question, to the best of my memory. some additional details illustrated, as you can see.

anyway... please contact me if you have any idea what this game might be or just if you remember it too! i've gotta find this one day. i worry sometimes that it's just lost forever but i still have some hope it might turn up eventually. eventually...