shoot me in the head
hang me from a tree
stomp my skull into the pavement
incinerate me
push me into a pool of acid
stab me through the heart 72 times
force-feed me a gallon of bleach
drown me in the middle of the ocean
throw me in front of an oncoming train
skin me alive and eat my flesh and organs
make me choke on razor blades
drop a semi-truck on my body
throw me in a cave and seal the entrance
toss me in a lion enclosure at lunch-time
extract every last drop of blood from my body
set a time bomb under my computer desk
lock me in a gas chamber and pull the switch
take my helmet off in space
push me off a building or some shit, i don't know
shoot me in the head a second time
hell why not a third for good measure, make it count


god i fucking hate myself