chara was standing alone in a room.

this was not all they were doing, of course. they had a reason for being inside of this room. the room, itself, also had a purpose. related to this purpose, was a sink. which chara was standing next to, washing their hands.

chara looked down at their hands, as they washed them. they weren't washing them yet, which was strange. they were thinking too much about the fact they were washing them. they grabbed the bar of soap, ridding themselves of the inefficiency in their behavior. they didn't consciously think about it this way, but it was implicit in their decision. after grabbing the bar of soap, they lathered their dry hands with it. they realized they had not turned on the water.

they wondered why things had transpired in this manner. it doesn't usually happen this way. typically, one would turn on the water, and THEN grab the bar of soap, to lather their hands with. at least, that is what chara would do. they did not know if anyone, anyone on the planet, did things the same way. but surely, they figured, it did not matter, for the truth was self evident. and they had betrayed their own truth, in their absentmindedness.

passing this moment of weakness, chara corrects course. they pull the right lever handle towards them, allowing water to flow from the faucet head. chara washes their hands. they wash their hands for about three seconds and a half, before the bar of soap unexpectedly slips out of their hands, falling down to the bottom of the sink basin, partially covering the drain. it bounces once before resting. at the sight and feeling of dropping the bar of soap into the sink basin, they feel an odd sense of primal rage swell up within them. they ignore the feeling, and pick the bar of soap up from its resting place at the bottom of the sink basin, partially covering the drain.

they finish washing their hands.

chara deliberately avoids looking at themselves in the mirror before leaving the room, although they don't really think about this very much.

they didn't use a towel.