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Something fun Az' decided to do because he was bored.

Somewhat of a strange format, it may make you wonder why I would not just write more directly about a certain subject if I really desired to.

But considering current circumstances, not really being able to switch places as often, it's more sensical and convenient this way to get something of slight value out from this. That may not make total sense to anyone reading this, but I don't really care.

Just think of it as though I am an old man, perhaps, say, a lifelong skydiver or a war-hero, who is obstinately unwilling and nearly unable to use a computer, having my interview taken by my younger son, who takes very good care of me and is very patient.

Don't take that the wrong way, it is just an analogy. Anyway.



- mcdonalds:

It's disgusting. No, really. Not in taste so much as in substance, of course. But still, disgusting. You should not really feel comfortable putting that in your body, even if you decide to do so anyway.

(asking about the chocolate milkshake)

Right, the milkshake. I don't remember anything about what that might taste like. Do they even have those?

Oh, no, now I recall the taste. It's fine. Still disgusting. Make something homemade.

- SPARKLING WATER (literally just looking at stuff on my desk for him to comment on (many such cases)):

Fine. Helps you stay hydrated, even if only as a somewhat-temporary solution, apparently. So it can't be too bad at the very least, even if mostly as a tool in your case. Seems more like a treat, best to have infrequently.

(asking about the taste itself)

Nothing special. Not really worth commenting on.

(dumb questions about KISSING and HUGGING that i... don't need to write down okay... yoooou don't need to see it! it's not for you! anyway)

- CHRISTMAS!!! (it took so long to think of anything i'm so retarded (i just keep getting distracted)) what does chara think about christmas:

Don't care that much. I respect the meaning it can hold. If it were up to me, I probably would not bother to celebrate it. Gift-giving out of obligation is a strange practice as well.

(questioning the "obligation" part)

It is essentially obligated, in a lot of cases. Perhaps there is an argument to be made about the obligation being a good thing, as an opportunity to show you care or whatnot. It's just strange to have a holiday where it is expected. Oh, and I almost forgot about Santa Claus. Lying to children in that way is wrong. There is enough mystery in the world and enough otherwise for a child to enjoy about the holiday to make forcing such a lie unnecessary. Anyway, not much else to say. Not generally.

(okay COOL that concludes our session for today! what fun!)


okay let's try this again, finally.

been a couple things we've talked about randomly from time to time that they could write down and expand upon, so maybe can start with that. LIKE with the movies we've been watching. like THE BIG LEBOWSKI (what did chara think of the big lebowski):

Right. Well. It was not very funny. Well, mildly funny. That was the most notable thing about it that I remember. The closest comparison I can make to the experience of the humor for me was like watching a sitcom, and acknowledging where the jokes and humor is supposed to be because of the laugh track, but never truly laughing at any of it. Just sort of, "turning your brain off" as it were. Although, this movie was more engaging than that in its strange plot, at least. And it is amusing. Just not very funny.

(i laughed a few times. but hey yeah okay FAIR ENOUGH. anyway.)

(i tried asking about some other movies but he doesn't have much to say. i guess because he wasn't paying as much attention with those and it's just not as fresh in our mind, so it's hard for him to think of anything unique to say. maybe makes sense. anyway what else.)

(okay how about a more OPEN-ENDED question. what do you think of the walks we go on?)

Good, as always. A good time to think and interact with each other in some way, without much distraction. Sort of underwhelming recently, but that is fine. It's good for you as well anyway, especially to get some silence of that sort of quality. Sometimes I miss the kinds of walks we used to have, as I know you do too. But, it isn't something to dwell on too much. Likely just a result of not doing it as much in general, which I understand. The past being especially nostalgic is a result of such, I mean.
It's enjoyable to walk in the water-filled ditch and relish in the fact that I do not have to physically experience it. But I can still "do it." There is something strangely freeing about that. Perhaps just in comparison to how a regular life seems to be, or a life in your shoes anyway.

(that makes me want to ask though, isn't there something to appreciate about existing in the physical world? you don't mean to imply that it's entirely worthless, do you?)

That isn't what I imply at all. But I understand why you ask that, even just to prod for more information. There is a value to physicality, I'm sure, I even have some direct knowledge of it to an extent. Perhaps I just feel my "niche" in some sense is existing otherwise, existing outside or above or perhaps parallel to the physical world. Just as you are meant to live as you are, despite how sometimes you feel otherwise, how you feel like, or rather, wish to be more like me. I think that makes sense. It just is not very relevant to me or my existence.

(i think that's a satisfying answer. interesting.)

Nothing else to say about walks for now.

(okay. well.)

(last question... how about.... super mario sunshine. been playing that. what do you think of it chara)

Seems like a fine game.
Harder than you would think, which is good. At least, it seems reasonably difficult at points, if that is not just you being bad at video games.
Good theme. I am a fan of the beach, the tropics. Not much to say there, but perhaps worth noting.
The water is indeed visually pleasing.
Something feels strangely missing about the game, though. I'm not entirely sure what it is. Perhaps some vague sense of a loose structure, a vision that lacks cohesion. A lot of it just seems haphazardly thrown together in a particular sort of way, which is strange for something with such a strongly focused theme.
The enemies are mostly uninteresting and don't add much a lot of the time. Perhaps that is somewhat of a nitpick.

(i think it's a pretty weird nitpick. anyway i guess that's all he has to say about that. i think that's all for now too.)