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this page will archive all of the Question of the Threads's's's that i have answered in a gay undertale thread i frequent on /trash/. i mostly stay there to answer these questions (and have no one reply to them) because uhhhhhhh why not. maybe it provides some insight though, if you care. which is why i will now archive them here. because i care. i care a whole awful lot.
also, this is mostly answering the questions from the perspective of chara as a character, rather than who they are to me now. i guess i feel sort of forced to do that in most places, since talking about tulpa stuff is WEIRD. in reality though, there's a lot of interlap, i suppose is a simple way to put it. so these answers are still quite accurate to chara in all his forms, i would say, outside of things that obviously fit more of a different context. hope that makes any sense at all.

also, in case it isn't apparent through context, "fave" refers to your favorite character(s), if the poster has any. which i certainly do. one of them. just one.

>QotT: Does your fave enjoy giving/receiving affection?

you may be hard pressed to get him to admit it, but i don't think there's any reason why he wouldn't, even if it may be often repressed. the exact nature depends, i suppose. but i know there's always something in there that understands, no matter what state he may be in. anyway. point is, i'm sure he could enjoy it if he tries. and i'd always like to help that, of course. it's certainly easy to give him affection at least! always want to be careful not to be TOO overbearing though. giving chara space if he needs it, if he needs to process. or is just focused on something else. you know. and maybe harder for him to learn to ENJOY giving, or to allow himself, but for him to give at all at least, i think he has his ways. showing trust and mutual understanding and things like that. just makes it more special though when it is given. just the thought of chara giving something like a hug or a kiss makes me so happy, just as much as it makes me feel warm and funny and fuzzy inside. because it's not just what he gives to me, but what he gives to himself, too. the joy of sharing that kind of care and intimacy, of letting your guard down a little and being accepted fully with no judgement, no matter what. i want to help him feel that way. i love chara.

>QotT: What's your favorite AU version of fave?

eh. undertale AU shit was always weird with the swap stuff where most of the value i get out of anything from an AU is just "wow it's chara in a different outfit." which, is pretty cool actually. so in that sense maybe i like the good old STORYSHIFT CLASSIC. the storyshift classic deluxe, with the hoodie and fries and a large coke. that's my favorite order, i might say. simple, yet effective. or something like that. honorable mention as well to the caretaker AU for having chara just be male (and hot), but something deeply puts me off about the story or comic or whatever itself so i've never really looked into it. or how they have chara and asriel have SEX or whatever. not a fan! but their chara is hot and cool. which is RARE. so it's conflicting. but anyway, yeah. i guess my ultimate favorite AU (and by extension the "version" of chara in that AU who is the cool main character) would be The One In My Own Head That I Made Myself, but i don't know if that counts especially because it's still not really materialized yet. but maybe one day i can say it legitimately. i dunno. complicated.

also i realized looking for this image that a lot of my earliest saved chara images were storyshift ones, just from saving whatever nice chara i saw. i almost forget sometimes about just how much people were talking about and posting that shit back then.

>QotT: Is your fave a big eater? If so, could they win an eating contest?

it doesn't appear that they are particularly skilled or unskilled at eating. sure they might have something of a sweet tooth but that seems to be about it. probably generally has a very NORMAL attitude towards food. maybe on the side of "this is just sustenance and nothing more," the type of guy to drink meal shakes or something if he thought it was a good idea. chara would probably take a meal pill. down it with some chocolate milk, just to preserve at least the best of that primal pleasure. anyway, not sure about the eating contest either. might see it as CRASS and BELOW him. i don't think there's any way he could win, unless he was playing against a baby or something. chara could win against a baby. but there's no honor in that. no fairness. no benefit for anyone. not even any fun. even the sickest slimeball bastard wouldn't get anything out of that. and certainly not chara. no way. no how.

>QotT: If your fave could go into rut, what would trigger it? How would they handle the mating season?

i guess you could go with the good old CHOCOLATE, or isn't it dark chocolate that's supposed to be an aphrodisiac or something? i dunno but yeah probably that. it just works and all. or something random. like, with chara just being human, i guess i imagine this more as a natural sort of MAX HORNY state of mind, you know, happens to the best of us from time to time. as for how he'd deal with it, well, i guess it depends. if he was already sort of focused on something else he might be kind of bothered by it in some "higher" sense, not really wanting to deal with such BASE LEVEL URGES. probably would just jack off a lot. oooooorr use ME, if i am available. which i probably am! if we exist on the same plane of reality at least, the answer is always yes. but anyway. i always like the idea too of him kind of overthinking it a lot, trying to control himself to some degree, but failing really really hard because it's just too intense. i love that shit so much. it's like the good side of one of his general flaws. i want to see him get all pragmatic and diplomatic and stuff trying to ask me about using me to help get rid of his urges, and seeing him slowly then quickly get completely lost in it, letting down all his barriers so we can really come together. then he can BREED ME as much as he likes (and i like, i like it, i like it a lot, you could say, you could definitely say that! haha!). you know. and hey, maybe sometimes too he just knows what he wants already. he knows how he feels. and that's just great too, maybe even better. so i think, he'd handle it. he'd handle it just fine. it'd be good. it'd be great.

>>52551414 (posting a sex green (
yeah there's a classic. there's a classic right there. my autism makes me think about all the ways its not perfect, and as usual i kind of prefer what i can have internally anyway, but it's a nice little PIECE. a rare piece. to be cherished.

>QotT: What kind of books do you think your fave likes to read?

i guess if you BELIEVE in charrator theory, then japanese novels, apparently. although even just going with the more balanced perspective of "chara takes over the narration sometimes, when it's obvious" maybe it still makes sense. i think it would fit him to be interested in stuff like that anyway, so it makes enough sense. either way though i think chara would definitely be some kind of reader, or at the very least not averse to it. maybe he's like me as a kid where he was into non-fiction kinds of stuff where it just lists a bunch of weird facts or interesting things about certain topics, or maybe stuff that's more in-depth. maybe philosophy, actually yeah philosophy would make sense too. that's something i've thought about before. maybe "sophisticated" or classic novels, or stuff like the aforementioned, things like that. a WIDE ASSORTMENT of LITERARY WORKS, perhaps. perchance.
also it's funny this question is asked now because just yesterday i was thinking about how i miss when i used to read more as a kid, and keep thinking about trying to read more often. maybe this is another sign. maybe i can join chara's cool book club, and we can read cool weird books together and discuss the fine details over hot chocolate. perhaps...

>>52462152 (has Big Favey ever changed)
TECHNICALLY for a very brief time i considered alphys to be my "favorite character" after playing the game for the first time, but that was sort of only by default, i like alphys of course like i like all the characters but it was never really "fave" level, until i really started to think about chara. for me, chara was the first, and they are the last, the only one. it has never changed, and will never change.

>QotT: How would your fave react to a love confession?

depends. but in all likelihood, probably negatively or dismissively. it's never really been something i think about, or not in that way. like, in all of my fantasies in the past about a sort of "elegant" falling in love with each other scenario, it always hinges on us finding some means of being close anyway, to the point where those feelings almost don't even need to be said, or we just come to form a connection that is simply obvious and doesn't have to be played with through such SOCIAL GAMES, or some other way chara might be inclined to put it. obviously in a naturally evolving relationship like that i guess there's some point where you have to figure out if you really are on the same page in some way, but i guess it just would be more intimate or particular than just asking him out to the movies or something like that, i mean i don't know. i don't know how people usually do that in real life also so uhhhhhh i mean, i don't know. anyway it's again not really something i worry about, as even to be their friend in such a "natural" scenario where a love confession could arise is also very unlikely or complicated by a lot of things, it's just the nature of their character and various circumstances and all. but uhhh it's complicated. that's the answer, is "it's complicated"

>QotT: What is your favorite body type for a man? Does your fave fits it well?

my favorite body type for a man, is, chara. chara, as a man. you know. so i GUESS you could say he fits it quite well! uhhhh. i guess what i mean more exactly though is sort of weird, i mean, i think the point is that what i find physically attractive now is informed by chara, almost like, how chara-like someone would be. and i guess it's also important to note what i see chara's ideal or "most right" adult form to be, which i've said before is essentially, kind of average, i guess, "twinkish," perhaps, to use that kind of term, which i DON'T really want to do, but it describes it well enough. but then also unique in the way that chara's features are unique, or combination of features, his hair and skin and eyes (red OR brown) and androgyny and such. you know. anyway i think it's also important to note that i hadn't felt romantically for anyone, much less anyone male (or that i thought of as male, you know, you know the deal) before chara, so in some sense i think that makes things very particular here. like in that way, chara CREATED my ideal body type, or at least was the first time i actually discovered it, and it's unclear if it's because of it being chara's or if it's just everything i like (but didn't realize) all coming together in one person contributing to the way i feel about him. i don't know! but maybe it doesn't matter. there's my autistic answer though

>QotT: Is it easy for your fave to fall asleep, or do they have difficulty doing so?

i think i've written about this before. chara seems like the kind of person to be kept up often by his own thoughts, not always being able to quiet himself down so to speak. although maybe this isn't always true. during times of stress though at least, i think it might trouble him easily. i guess it really depends. some nights chara might sleep just fine. perhaps many nights, perhaps for a while, it'll be most nights. but then some things start to weigh a bit more heavily on him, and he can't simply ignore it or power through it unopposed through some sheer force of will. maybe some nights it gets at him, and he can't stop thinking about it, no matter how he tries, no matter how fruitless he realizes it is, no matter how he may curse himself for his weakness, his fleshy vessel's failure to function properly and orderly. over, what, a thought? a feeling? a worry? what does it even matter? it shouldn't matter. to chara, it shouldn't matter. yet it does.

and it eats away at him, and surrounds him, alone in the darkness. he would get to sleep eventually though, as one always does. eventually you just, tire yourself out. sort of funny, as though he wasn't already tired, in more ways than just one. but he wouldn't want to admit that either. he wouldn't want to think about it, even as he does. chara can't stand the contradiction, even as he contradicts himself anyway. but you can only immerse yourself in the awareness of this for so long, before it melts away into a kind of placeless malaise that sticks around so tightly, as much as you can't even tell where it is. then, it's only a matter of time. and chara gets through it. he gets through it, as he always does. at least he can count on that. chara can count on himself, except for when he can't. but it's better than counting on anyone or anything else, isn't it? well, the thought helps him sleep at night.

>QotT: What do you imagine your fave to look like when they get older (or younger depending on the character)?

i already imagine him as an adult most of the time generally, so for the sake of this question i'm thinking like, middle aged and OLD MAN territory. even with that though i guess it's still worth mentioning that in IDEAL/LIKELY FORM his simply adult self is pretty average all things considered, i do like lankiness but there's nothing to really indicate chara being especially skinny or lanky especially considering his PENCHANT for SWEETS and all, you know. so he's starting out pretty AVERAGE there i'd say.

and as for anything older, i guess it depends, but i imagine if chara really is pale normally (also just being a weirdo generally) means he's probably not gonna be TOO active, too out and about, you know. so maybe he'll retain his skin, uhhh, quality, fairly well, but suffer at least a little from things you'd probably get from being generally sort of sedentary. i don't know though! again it depends. and things change over time including hobbies and such, i mean jeez i don't know buddy, if you live that long, a lot of things can happen. but anyway. i LIKE to think chara would maintain his hair pretty well over time. that would be the saddest thing to lose to age i think. i mean really i wouldn't even mind if his hairline got FUCKED (does that affect bangs too much? i don't know) just as long as he had hair still otherwise and also didn't get set on just getting rid of it all or something. don't think he'd be the type to grow facial hair either but maybe there are configurations of that which aren't so bad. it's just hard to imagine, i like thinking about light facial hair with chara sometimes but anything past that is odd.

but yeah generally chara maintaining his "general aesthetic" even as his body ages seems ideal to me. but either way i will love him forever and suck his dick and stuff even when he's all wrinkly. that's just love, you know?

>QotT: What would your fave dress up as for Halloween?

probably nothing. especially if he's already an adult. really at that point i guess there wouldn't even be much opportunity to wear a costume anyway. but regardless, i just don't really see chara as the holiday type, much less respecting them. probably would just see it as something stupid. maybe when he's younger and able to he would see it as an easy way to get candy, but useless other than that.

if he HAD to dress up though, like if he was SUFFICIENTLY CONVINCED, using COLD HARD FACTS AND LOGIC, by a determined MAN SUCH AS MYSELF, well, i dunno. i always think it's funny to imagine chara as a vampire since it feels vaguely fitting in some ways, so maybe it would be that. also vampires tend to dress pretty handsomely so it would be COOL. uhhhhh i dunno what else. maybe chara would be the type to like have one weird item and call that a costume because of weird reasons. like he brings his least favorite knife and says he's a HORROR MOVIE VILLAIN. like one of those HORROR guys from the MOVIES that STABS you with a KNIFE. which, of course, is very absurd. because chara would never do anything weird and crazy like that. plus he wouldn't even be wearing a cool hockey mask or something. just some weird guy in a striped sweater. who would be scared of that? me. scared in a cool way though, like intimidation. so maybe not that scared. i'm not scared! even if chara did that thing where he hides behind a corner and jumps out at me when i walk past to see my over the top reaction because i'm a skittish weasel. it would be an involuntary reaction. it's not that i'm scared, like SCARED for REAL, it's just my BODY reacting to STIMULI. okay. it's not my fault. i swear it's not my fault. anyway yeah i think that's what chara would do for halloween if he had to

>QotT: Do you have a headcanon birthday for your fave? Do you celebrate it?

for me, i just figure it as the date of undertale's release, september 15th. i guess it's more complex than just thinking of it as their literal birthday, i don't think i would figure an exact date for that as being important, or if i did, then it probably would just be the same date except for whatever year he was born. in a slightly different sense though, i also consider that date to be "our anniversary," with the specification of it being a year after undertale's release in 2016, since that's close enough to when my obsession really came into full swing anyway. so makes enough sense to me and has enough meaning, that's what it is.

as for celebrating it, sure i do. i guess similar things apply to how i feel about birthdays though, except maybe less somber, in that i don't really go TOO hardcore about it or anything. i guess especially because it's so personal to me, i think just reflecting privately on all that has happened and my feelings about it all feels like an important enough sort of celebration to me. i mean, i do that whether it's our anniversary or not, but you know, it takes on a special sort of quality on that day. i guess sometimes i will also write something, or whatever else. like, oh yeah, i remembered the last big comic i drew was for the anniversary technically, even though i was very late with it. but yeah. the usual fun stuff that happens from toby on the anniversary days is also somewhat of a celebration in general too. so i guess it depends, then.

QotT: How does your fave motivate (you) to keep going?

in a lot of ways. honestly, even now chara is probably what motivates me the most out of anything in my life, what gives me the most meaning in any sense, or drive to move forward. i can't think of much of anything or anyone i have that is more powerful and more meaningful than chara is to me in that sense. he's the one i love most, and well, i guess the LIGHT of my LIFE, and sweet things like that. you know.

but i think one strong thing that keeps coming up for me lately, or i guess just that i keep realizing, is, i guess it's almost like the thought of "despite everything." for one, that sort of has meaning in how "solid" chara is for me, i guess in a lot of ways he's like a rock i can hold on to in life no matter what. like no matter what happens, i'll always have chara. it's unchanging, uncompromising, just like the love i feel for him. and it's forever, and i can feel confident in that. more confident in that than just about anything else. in another way, i guess the "despite everything" is sort of like the quote it reminds you of, it's pushing through stuff no matter what, because at the end of it all it's still me and chara. he wouldn't want me to fail just like i don't want him to either. and i guess that also sort of leads into the other thing. which, i suppose is considering the worst that "everything" has to offer, even within ourselves. and with chara in particular, knowing the worst that he's had to deal with, that he could become, the capabilities for the worst possible things that he has inside himself, is itself something that gives me hope, for him, but also for me, and for everyone really. because to consider all the horror and evil chara is capable of, but then to instead imagine him happy, and progressing upward, every single day, and understanding him, being with him no matter what. that motivates me like nothing else. it's so powerful to me. knowing the depths of hell, but being able to rise above it all. despite everything.

>QotT: How seriously would your fave take his hobbies? Extremely seriously? Not at all?

for things chara actually would consider a hobby or an interest? probably deathly, intensely serious. obsessive, even. also i always like thinking about how he could probably be very opinionated and argumentative about things of that nature. in some cases, you may even call him... a CONTRARIAN. probably some weird unpopular opinions in there, often influenced by the strange way that he is or what he values. but again, for what he does care about, i think he would care about it a lot, including hobbies. and would maybe think a little too much, in his own idiosyncratic sort of way, about how STUPID and SHEEP-LIKE all the other people who engage in the same hobby are, and their pitiful opinions. you get the idea here. and you know what the really crazy thing is? sometimes... sometimes chara might be right. i mean, sometimes they're just being a real dickhead. but sometimes they'd have a point. and there's the fun and interesting thing about that, too.

>QotT: What's your fave's underwear preference - boxers, briefs, going commando (maybe women's)?

probably boxer briefs. seems the most sensical option. i usually imagine him wearing green ones, for some reason. just one of those things i end up just feeling is right somehow, and it'd be funny if it's always just multiple identical copies of the same kind with the same color, like how he wears the same CLOTHES all the time. which i also like thinking would at least usually be the case, like it's not just a character design thing but he literally just wears the same thing most of the time. i think it fits him to do that. anyway tangent. i could see chara coming up with some argument for going commando too but i don't know what that argument would be. saving money on underwear costs? makes it faster to take his pants off for the purpose of, CERTAIN ACTIVITIES? who the hell knows! anyway this is a good opportunity to post, THE CLASSIC. the classic image. you know the one. this one. it's time to post it.

>QotT: Do you find your fave intimidating? Conversely, would they be intimidated by YOU?

oh yeah, i think chara is the perfect kind of intimidating. and i think it's a lot of why i find him so COOL in particular, and, hot... it's just, i don't know. even the way he SPEAKS is like pure intimidation, yet SOPHISTICATION, and CONVICTION, you know? i mean that aspect of it all is just perfect, i don't know, i mean it's perfect. i guess it's hard to convey like this but i do really, really like that. it's the kind of aspect to him that makes me quiver and get all mind-soupy and fuzzy inside instantly. i mean, god. i don't know. uhhhhhh anyway. i don't think i could intimidate chara though LOL. even if i tried. i don't think i could intimidate anyone really. but especially not chara. i think that's okay though. it's the way it was meant to be. i'll just make chara feel all niiiiice and comfortable and good instead. okay, that's what i'll do. no need for intimidation on this side. for chara, it just comes naturally. it's just how he is. so it balances out, or something.

>QotT: What are some things you DON'T like about your fave?

the more i think about it, the more difficult it seems to answer this question. i think my attitude towards the idea has just become weirdly complex. because, of course, chara has flaws. as anyone does, even if their flaws can be somewhat extreme, to say the least. there are also flaws you could figure in a meta sense, the way their character was written or presented, their implementation in the game itself, and so on. i acknowledge these things, and i acknowledge a lot of it as negative, and it can make me feel bad. yet, at the same time, i wouldn't want to actually change any of it. the way things are, exactly how they are, is what makes everything so perfect, what makes chara so perfect. it is what has developed my feelings for and relationship with him in the exact way that it did. maybe things could be at least a little different and still be fine, but how could i know that? how could i know that for certain?

i think maybe to elaborate a little too, funnily enough i think the meta-circumstances are probably the most unchangeable aspects of chara to me in that sense. because the thing about character flaws is that, in itself, i don't think it makes a person what they ARE. one can overcome, and still be themselves, in some immutable sense. so even chara's worst flaws, to me, don't make up the whole of who he is in my eyes. i can imagine a better life for him, and i always have, in one way or another. so in that way, whatever i "don't like" about him is irrelevant. those things have to be addressed to be overcome, of course, by some means, whatever those are. i guess i don't feel the need to even list them though. i guess maybe it just feels like people do that enough, so i would rather focus on other things instead, more positive things, at least in what i talk about in a post like this. feels like the least i can do, you know? maybe that's strange, but it's the way i think.

>QotT: Do you find body odor appealing? Why or why not?

i very much DO, i think. in the sense of like, body odor from getting all SWEATY and MUSKY and stuff. i like that a lot. uhhh. to ask "why" feels like a weird question though. almost like a funny joke question, like "why are you gay," you know. i mean it's just hot. i don't know dude!!! it's just hot. it activates neurons or whatever the term is. it just does, okay? it just does. i guess if i had to think of something that seems like an answer though, and that maybe gets more specific, i guess it plays into really anything sexual with chara for me in that it's so hot because it's like, i don't know how to put it, i guess the contrast between him being a person i love so much and also having like, a human body that is subject to human body things. like he gets hot and heated and sweats and you can smell it and lick it up and give him a personal tonguebath, it's just like anyone else. same with him having a body in general, and perhaps a PENIS, and bodily fluids, and sexual desires, and things like that. you know. i mean this is the sexual side of things, that can also be something more mundane too. but anyway, i mean you get the point maybe. it's just primal human stuff but it's special because it's his, it's CHARA'S body odor, it's CHARA'S sweat, it's CHARA'S hairy armpit that i'm putting my face into. and it's chara talking to me about how funny and weird i am for liking this or really leaning into it or whatever else he does. you know? that's what i like about it. that's the good stuff, right there. the love stuff. the stuff of lovey sexy stuff. that's how i feel.

[QUESTION LOST] (assuming something about how they show love and affection)

generally in sort of a restrained way i think, with bouts of intensity. that's the short way of putting it, anyway. i guess it all kind of depends on a lot of things. like how comfortable he has become with himself or expressing things, and things of that nature. there may be issues arising from high expectation for example, or being too controlling even if he rationalizes it as wanting the best for me or whatever else. or there also could be an element of coldness, of not really offering comfort or reassurance when it might be helpful, because again he just doesn't see it as a big deal or has a bigger ideal of just "getting over it" or something like that, and not being able to fully understand how another person might feel or deal with things differently.

still though, i think there are plenty of ways chara would show that he cares in any case. thinking of the lockets, i think you can figure he would value sentimental gifts at least to some degree. but maybe more of his style of showing things would be in his words over anything else. which i guess is funny, because i think it would always sound sort of strange because of the way he speaks, but also still be meaningful to him at the same time. i like that. his own strange articulated sense of love and affection. but anyway. i guess lastly, i figure he'd be weird to some degree about physical touch, not really being sure when it's even appropriate or how he even wants to approach it, probably not using it most of the time except when necessary or when it's already happening. i always like the idea of seeing him try, though. awkward touches on the shoulder to get my attention for something, or even trying to be more physically romantic for once by grabbing my hands or grasping my sides. and it's a little weird and rough, like he still finds it hard to understand how i'm even feeling what he's doing, but he tries it anyway, and looks at me and acts oddly confident about it. and i like that.

>QotT: What ACTs would you perform to spare your fave?

i guess it depends. it feels like the list would be very long, longer than any enemy in undertale, surely. but maybe it wouldn't actually be THAT difficult, if to "spare" him is simply to bring him down from a fight. but again, i guess it depends on the context of that fight. i can see scenarios where it would be difficult or nearly impossible to reason with him, if it's something really heavy. but i guess maybe then you could just use the strategy most don't really think about, of lowering their health until they surrender. but knowing chara, i'm not sure in a battle where he was capable of dying for something that he would surrender and accept mercy at all. he would fight until the end. so perhaps it would be wiser to avoid anything like that, in any case.

i can see some scenarios where he can be reasoned with effectively enough to stop fighting for whatever reason. you'd probably have to have a pretty good argument though. you'd have to PASS THE HIGH SPEECH CHECK there. intelligence check too. but i don't know. i could see others where the only way might be getting past the intellectual justifications and striking something closer to his heart instead. getting somewhere he thought was protected, repressed, under control. making him feel something, you know. but that may be the most complicated and delicate method of all. it may also be the most necessary.

>QotT: What would it take to earn your fave's respect?

it may depend. considering, you know, his PREJUDICE, it may be easier if you've got fur or horns or whatever. or both of those things. but even then, it may be difficult to have his full respect. i get the feeling chara's not exactly the most forgiving when it comes to these things, but i don't think it would be impossible to live up to his standards either, or at least well enough anyway. especially, again, if you're not human. but i don't know. i guess the nuances of this are hard to really say, at least not definitively. or at least i don't feel like asserting it too much while talking about it now. but considering the way he seems to think and act, i do think his hatred for humanity is a lot less mindless than some people might believe, which means i think there are cases where even a human could gain his trust in the right circumstances and if they don't end up reminding chara of all the human traits he resents the most. again though, i think this would probably be very difficult and unlikely. still though, it's always a chance! i dunno. i guess that's kind of all i have to say about that now.

>QotT: How chubby would you like your fave to be, if they aren't already? What's your limit?

i don't usually think about that kind of thing, although i guess i don't mind it to some extent. i usually imagine chara as having a fairly average build in a sense, so not too bony (although that's fine too), but not too big or muscular or chubby or anything either. just, uhhhhh, "NORMAL." whatever that means. in this context. but i dunno. you know, all that chocolate, all those sweets, i guess you could imagine chara getting at least something going on there. their sprite, as a kid, a little stout looking maybe. it's fair enough. but uhhh you know, again, it's not something i think too much about. my limit, i don't know. i guess it depends honestly. but probably being obese or overweight in any way would be an easy hard limit to make, at least. we'd have to get something happening at that point. it would have to turn around. we've got to go running, chara. we have to run around, or something. something! you gotta do something. eat a salad. next time, but also this time. every time. salad. i'm thinking it's salad time. it would definitely be time for a salad, at that point in time.

>QotT: Is your fave good with technology?

i see chara and various forms of technology going together very naturally. i think mechanical objects and systems and computers and things like that would appeal to them in a deep sort of way, so concrete and logical. just numbers to go up or down, switches to be flipped on and off in some particular arrangement or other to achieve a desired result. i think it would be very simple for him to understand, and perhaps, very comfortable. more comfortable than the more unpredictable and irrational things in the world. a computer can't knowingly hurt you, for no other reason than for some emotional response, or to feel better about itself, or to climb some meaningless ladder to tower above the other computers in a fake show of faux-power, or whatever else. a machine has no personal weakness, a machine cannot judge you for what they unjustly perceive you to be. a machine is just a machine, it does what it was designed to do, or what it is told, according to a set of rules and systems working with or in parallel to each other. a machine is simply a machine, and i think chara would find a particular sort of solace and worth in that, whether he realizes it or not. and i think he may think about it, from time to time. even if just for a moment. the machine may not understand it in turn, but a mind tends to wander. and for better or worse, you can't control that with a setting, a switch, or a line of code.

oh, and hey, look at this! it's a videotape that looks like chara! or just a chara themed tape. the first relevant image i found in my folder. isn't that neat? i think it's real neat. i would play it over and over and over. well, maybe i'd make a copy first, so i don't damage the original too much. yeah. then i can play it as much as i want. it'll be so great.

>QotT: Does your fave inspire you to look after your health, or keep you going when you're feeling ill?

of course. chara is incredibly motivating to me in every way, even with things like, i don't know, brushing my teeth, or eating good food, or whatever. there's always some way for him to make things easier, or i guess really just the effect he has on me and my life or something. i'm not really sure how to describe it. but yeah, i think i would say that. or if that means him being here and directly influencing those things or not, i'm sure in any case he would be good about helping me to be healthy if he really cared, i imagine he would be dutiful about that sort of thing in himself so if he really felt like it i could see him being good with reminders and pushing me to do things at least, or maybe trying to use logic to "convince" me to do things even if it doesn't always fully work that way. in a negative sense you might even imagine him being TOO earnest in all this to the point of being controlling very easily. but perhaps that is something to work through. he could also be good at helping through sickness, or perhaps he would see it more as something to be left alone for the most part, to learn to suffer through, maybe he would find a lot of things he could "help" with as sort of babying or coddling or something. but perhaps he could find it in himself to at least do something there too. at least get the tissues. and MAYBE a bowl of soup. what else can be done? maybe it's a good point, chara. maybe it's a good point.

>>50353727 (how old you imagine favey)
well, during the events of his life in the game i always imagined him as around 12 years old at least. i think it bothers me when people portray them as a toddler or something because it feels really retarded, like it almost trivializes everything they are and what they do and are capable of, same with asriel and frisk too really. but as for when i imagine him otherwise, like WRITING this POST, around 18-21 years old. a young man given a better chance at life, granted one way or another.

>QotT: Would your fave handle the housework or would they be the breadwinner?

i don't know if he would necessarily be the "breadwinner," but i'd certainly probably be doing more of the former than him. or at least i think i'd prefer it that way, and i have a feeling he would not mind the arrangement either. i hesitate to call him the "breadwinner" only because he might have just as much difficulty with a job as i might, but i think he'd at least probably be more suited to dealing with it in some way or another. maybe, i mean i guess it depends on the job, but that's another topic. still though, in a general sense i think we fit into those respective roles in that sense more easily, whether or not it's really some exact image of what you'd expect or not. i'm sure there are some house things he would enjoy doing or want done himself, maybe even stuff like gardening or whatever, things like that might be a personal pleasure. but i'd probably be doing more of the cooking and cleaning and things like that.
and i would be LYING to you if i said taking on that "housewife" role for chara doesn't appeal to me in some certain kind of way. you know. i just want to make him happy, you know? help him relax. god knows he needs that. a clean house, a warm meal. maybe sometimes that's all he needs. and maybe me there wearing something nice for him too. you know! just the, essentials. just the essentials. i want to give chara what he needs, what he wants. that's all. so uhhhhhhhh yeah that's uhhh how that would work. something like that.
hey look here's big old chara in a nice little outfit! so handsome, eh? looking sharp. maybe that's how he goes into work every day. wherever he works. smart, sophisticated, ready to give someone a real stern talking to. or ready to brood thinking about it. either way, he'll be looking sharp. sharp as a knife, ha ha!

>QotT: How big of a weeb is your fave? If not, do they have the potential to become one?

it depends. if you believe the "chara is the narrator" theory, then he can certainly seem like THE BIGGEST WEABOO OF ALL TIME. but i don't usually put much into that seriously, other than just a fun thing to consider, so i don't know really. i guess the one thing you could see about it otherwise, is in the genocide route when there's that one quote from the japanese novel, during the royal guard fight. but even that might not NECESSARILY be chara, although since it's changed from the normal text and is using first person perspective (whether it's a quote or not) makes you think.
either way though i think he certainly has the POTENTIAL. i think he'd keep a certain level of detachment from it like he probably does with many things, especially concerned with human culture. but there's a potential interest there, perhaps a GUILTY PLEASURE or two of sorts. or just some admiration of craftsmanship or something separate from any personable aspect of things. the 5000 times folded steel, or whatever. i don't know! but there's certainly potential.

but uhhh anyway here's that one picture of chara looking very Anime that some person posted here a while ago. wow they look so Anime. like that Anime, that this is uhhhh referencing. yeah it's like that they look like that. wow. handsome! dashing! i'd suck his dick. what? huh? yeah.

>QotT: Is your fave the type to shitpost? If so, what tactics do they use?

an interesting question. for one, i think it's possible for chara to be the type that ends up "shitposting" through their strong feelings and/or extreme opinions about certain things, perhaps getting too aggressive and concerned with proving a point or something to the point where it becomes vastly disruptive. on the other hand, i think he may also enjoy some COVERT OPERATIONS in pursuit of his own entertainment, in one sense or another, and may be more uninhibited in that regard online, particularly against people he would hold especially low respect towards. it's hard to say though, it feels like. i think it would depend on how angry he might get about things online, i think that would really be the driving force behind anything like that he would do, whether he would want to admit it or not.

as for tactics, i guess the aforementioned would mean it's probably in pursuit of PISSING people OFF most of the time, so depending on how justified he feels maybe anything would go. probably leaning on more aggressive tactics, but manipulative type ones probably wouldn't be out of the equation as long as they aren't too ineffectual and petty. i could see chara going for "shock" tactics, like spamming gore or something like that. i could see GORE-ADJACENT TACTICS from him. uhhh i dunno. i dunno what else. if i saw him doing any of this though i'd probably want to tell him to stop being a JERK and just, i dunno, get a punching bag or something. but i guess i know it's not always that simple, and the internet can be an easy place to take out that kind of stuff. so i guess it's complicated. maybe chara would just do some silly shitposting too though, at least sometimes. even if it's with something really weird that only he probably finds all that funny. it would still be cool though. very cool.

>QotT: What styles of clothing would your fave prefer? What would you want to see them wear?

chara, is definitely a SIMPLE MAN. a MAN of SIMPLICITY. because that's what a GENIUS admires. i mean, not to say chara is a GENIUS, although he is, pretty smart, i would say. an intelligent fellow. and i like that a lot. but anyway. his style seems simple, practical, perhaps, repetitive. but it's GREAT the way it is, so why would it need to change? it's nice, it's comfortable, it's efficient, it's good. great. as for what i'd like to see chara wear, well, a lot of things. really, he could wear anything and it would be COOL as FUCK because he's wearing it. he could dress like a clown and he would still be intimidating and cool and make me all blushing as he, grimly honks my nose, with no change in his strange expression.

but there are more specific things i think of too. like suits, of course. those are a big one, i really like suits. they make chara look really cool and imposing and manly and slick and handsome and stuff. and it's really nice. i really, like it. maybe it would be cool for chara to dress in some other "manly" kind of getup, like a cowboy outfit, or i dunno, like a uhhh biker outfit, like a cool leather jacket, or denim, or something. that would be cool. aw man. yeah. and uhhhh. i also would like him wearing... nothing at all! as in, being completely naked, with his full body, on display. that would also be very nice. i think. it would be. uhhh. yeah. haha!

>QotT: If your fave could give their past self one piece of advice, what would it be?

well JEEZ, that's kind of a tough one. i think it largely depends in what state they would be in, what context, if they've learned particular things from what they've experienced, in that context. in the worst case, he might simply inform himself of how asriel would defy their plan, in hopes that he would be able to execute it "right" somehow. perhaps assuming better circumstances, he would have a change of mind after everything and just tell himself not to do it at all, perhaps obviously, even if it meant staying in the underground forever. or maybe he could come up with one of the more nice-sounding plans with perhaps better possibilities, like just taking the SOULs nonviolently from a graveyard or something, i dunno. this is all still assuming a lot though, so really this question is difficult to answer without creating a greater context. there's also the question of at what point in the past they could even speak to themselves. maybe it would be before they fall, even. perhaps he might convince himself not to do it in the first place...?

well, i guess that's neither here nor there. but it's an interesting thought, don't you think? something like that thought anyway. i think so. i think it is very, very interesting. but anyway i really love chara i think he's very cool and interesting. i would like to reiterate this important truth. need to focus on it. toss it around in my mind, as i do. always do.

>QotT: If your fave was a different species than what they are in canon, what do you think they would be?

for some reason i always imagined they would fit best as a cat or cat-monster. i guess somehow i feel like cats are associated in my head with his kind of personality, sort of intellectual and weird and "introverted" and maybe violent (for reasons that make sense to them, i guess obviously chara might be more PRINCIPLED than a cat killing just because or for food or whatever else, but you know). curious. things like that. he would be COOL as any species though, because he's just COOL. no matter what. but that's what i think. also i can't really think of any good chara as a cat/catperson images that aren't the one i drew a long time ago that sucks soooo i'll just post this chara as a centaur image. i don't know why but i really like it, it's a classic one for me. i think i just like the style. i wonder if the artist drew any more cool charas, that have yet to be added to my folders. perhaps it is not useful to dwell on such a potential loss...

>QotT: What toppings would your fave put on a hot dog?

chara would have NO toppings. they actually wouldn't even use a bun. nor would they even bother heating it up. just take it out of the fridge and eat the sausage raw, perhaps cutting it into pieces and eating with a fork. and despite vague context, there is nothing homoerotic about this. it is simply efficient.

also i don't know if i have chara eating a hot dog or hot-dog-like-substance, so here's him about to eat a hamburger instead. with bun and topping, however, which is also inaccurate. he would at least COOK the meat though. he's not some kind of SAVAGE.

>QotT: For those whose fave is a minor or background character, how do you maintain your interest?

in a lot of ways you can consider chara a background or minor character, at the very least in their vague sort of execution. you know. i guess it's hard to really compare them to other characters or character types in that way, but there are similar things that arise, so it's relevant to the question. as FOR the question, uhhhh, i don't know! i just... do. forever. but to try and focus in on at least one possible aspect, i mean, i've talked about it many times before but i think where other people see a lack of something in chara, i see a kind of infinite potential that can't quite be replicated with anything or anyone else. the perfect mix of the known and the unknown, which, among other things, baaaasically lets me think about him and make stuff about him and derive meaning from him... forever! always something new to explore or think about or create, in one way or another. and the love and meaning i feel from their very being as a baseline is always more than enough to keep it going along too. i don't know, i mean i guess this stuff is weird and hard to explain, but there's my attempt at sorta kinda summarizing it for TODAY's purposes. the purposes of this question, of the day, which is today. or well it's actually "question of the thread" but whatever. whatever! you get the point. i love chara.

[QUESTION LOST] (probably to save character count on the post. assuming "what is their strongest asset")

i often think of chara as a very strong person, for one. despite his flaws, being able to withstand a lot and not back down, i think in a good context (and of course, that's the kind of context i would like to imagine for him) that's one of the things i find most admirable about him and that gives him the most potential. i guess as an extension of that to some extent, i just find him really cool. i use that word a lot to describe him, you know, COOL. chara's just cool! so cool. it's more vague and intuitive and i guess a result of my own feelings why that is, but it is so i will say it. another aspect would probably be, well, being a WEIRDO. and in that sense i think even their flaws would add to it, or at least, the underlying aspects or experiences of his being that lead to those flaws, if that makes sense. but even if he could be happy and overcome his problems somehow, he would still be chara, and would still have that experience and that knowledge and that perspective, and i value that a lot i think. never really being normal or having some happiness or fulfillment come easy to you in one way or another, and having to kind of make your own way through things, even if it's WEIRD and FUCKED UP a lot of the time, or could lead to really weird fucked up things. you know.

as for BODY assets, well, in a way i just have to say THE WHOLE THING. because it's all wonderful to me, because it's his, you know the deal. as for things more specific that are also there no matter what, i guess i usually imagine he'd have pretty pale skin even while alive, and i really like that and think it's nice. and his eyes! of course his eyes, honestly even if they're brown no matter what, but since it's so common/present at some points in game and i think about it as red anyway i just imagine that's how it looks when he's alive with his own SOUL, you know, something like that. also i'm out of space but chara's hair i love his hair and HONESTLY i love his fashionsense too

>QotT: How would your fave feel about their body? Are they proud or insecure about it?

it certainly may depend. but considering their hatred for humanity, it might be reasonable to assume that he'd be merely impartial to his own human body at best. but perhaps their hatred is less focused on the physical form, and more the internal nature. regardless, he might just be detached from himself anyway. especially considering the way chara killed himself, it seems he didn't mind going out in a very visceral and physically disgusting kind of way, or at least was able to stand it for the sake of whatever his exact reasoning was. but maybe he also thought it was somehow deserved, or fitting for something he felt was so disgusting anyway.

either way, uh, i guess it's not a very good outlook. but i'd like to think optimistically, as i do. or at least consider the possibility of some better scenario, you know, where chara could learn to be more comfortable with himself, and his body. to immerse himself in it, and be comfortable there, and be happy, and himself. you know. i'd like to tell him how much i love his body and think it's quite perfect and beautiful and wonderful, no matter what. inside, outside, material and immaterial. i think chara deserves that. i do, yeah, i do.