welcome to my special hell.


you will find nothing of use here.
only the scribblings and ramblings of something that does not seem to be fully alive.
however, you may continue anyway, if you feel so inclined.

the "purpose" of this website, if you want to think of it that way,
is essentially as some sort of online representation of my very being.
there is nothing but my own hopes and fears and ideas and feelings written on these pages.
i expect it to be completely useless to most people. maybe even reprehensible or offensive in some cases.
but for the few that might relate, or that might feel understood by these words i write,
that is who i am putting this out for.
throwing out a line in the endless sea that is the internet, hoping to catch something.

also, there are pages with auto-playing music. so be wary of that, i guess.

also visit https://9chan.tw/fallen/catalog !
more weird writings there too.






explore the gallery.

the oddity.




update: i would like to try something. here also is an invite to a discord server i've made. join if you like.
i have decided to leave some public method of contact here, in case you want to ask a question or talk to me somewhat personally for whatever reason.
maybe we will even become friends. wow! woah! who knows! i don't know. here you go.
or, if you'd like something faster, you can add me on discord instead.
i only ask that you read at least a bit of this site or the 9chan board,
to have more of an idea of what you're getting into.
thank you.